HeroDeli Food Inc. is the company behind HERO food brands.

HeroDeli Food Inc. is a group of entrepreneurs who believe in a couple's passion for food and business since its founding on December 2005. HERO started as a processed meat brand open for wholesale and distribution under Hero Great Bites. Hero Sausages is the brand used for the franchise concept. Being its flagship brand,

Hero Sausages has aggressively branched out to over 50 outlets nationwide. Hero is the top choice among event organizers in various trade fairs, food shows, bazaars, school fairs, company events and parties. Hero Sausages is a reliable food provider offering value for money for its quality products.

Hero Sausages is best known for its HUNGARIAN sausage. It now offers a wide selection of german sausage with different sizes & variants, ranging from pork, chicken and farm grown crocodile meat. Hero Sausages are being served as sandwich and rice meal.

Being an Industry-mover, Hero Sausages is the first to offer DUNDEE Croc Sausages in the Philippines. Dundee Croc sausages are made of crocodile meat fillet and are fortified with potassium.

Croc meat is white meat and is leaner than chicken meat. It is known for its medicinal values. Croc meat fillet are supplied by Coral Agri-Venture Farm, Inc (CAFI) which is HACCP and GMP certified with a AAA-grade slaughterhouse for the highest-quality standards of meat processing. It is the only farm in the Philippines that is certified to process crocodile meat.

CAFI in collaboration with HeroDeli Food Inc. in October 2010 launched DUNDEE Croc Sausages-made of pure farm-bred crocodile meat, completely MSG-free, preservative-free and extender-free sausages.



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